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Hello Cross Compiler World
╙─► 2018.12.11

This project demonstrates cross compilation to build a simple console application to run on Linux or Windows (or Wine).

Emergent Development Principles
╙─► 2017.8.15

Top-down software engineering isn't always possible. The problemspace might not have been well explored, the platform may be new or volatile, or some development factor might not be knowable beforehand, such as: what designs will be "innovative" or "fun". Often a developer just won't know exactly how something should be best implemented until after diving in and hammering out a quick and dirty hack.


Below are a few emergent design methods I use to make more elegant software. [more]


Vagrant Dev Environ : Vagrant VM dev environment basics.
╙─► 2017.6.28

Classic PC Fonts : An excelent source of retro fonts, and how to use them on the web.
╙─► 2017.6.16